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Rent a car in the UAE with SHARE Rewards and Carasti

22 Aug 2023

As soon as you get your driving licence in the UAE, the first thing you want to do is purchase a car. That 4-wheeled vehicle allows you to stretch your wings and gain your freedom, without having to rely on public transport all the time.

However, buying a car in the UAE is a big investment. In fact, it’s the second largest financial commitment you make after your home. Then there’s all the hassle of reselling your car if you decided to change your car, upgrade or leave the UAE. Some people also don’t have the funds to make the initial down payment, insurance and registration fees especially if they’re just starting a new job or have moved into a new home.

Rising inflation has had a direct effect on the price of new and used cars, pushing them beyond the means of many drivers. There are also all the additional expenses and time investing in the running cost of car ownership, such as maintenance and servicing costs, and high insurance.

So what’s the alternative? It’s simple – monthly car leases. And at SHARE Rewards, we’ve teamed up with monthly car lease specialists Carasti to bring you an offer that could get you on the road right now and at an ideal price point.

Think of it as a bit like your gym membership – all the benefits and all the services wrapped up into one monthly fee minus the hassle.

Buying a car is expensive. Owning it for several years costs even more. With subscription, your all inclusive monthly payment includes the joys of driving while eliminating many of the costs and headaches.

With SHARE Rewards and Carasti an all-inclusive car subscription (lease with monthly payments) is only 3 minutes away. Find your perfect new car with SHARE Rewards and Carasti with no bank loans or down payments.

It's also one that Carasti thinks will help people drive greener, too. With the advent of better electric vehicles with greater range and lower emissions, leasing an EV makes sense, especially if you do a lot of city driving. EV cars have zero emissions, so that means less pollution and a better, healthier environment for everyone. Even SUVs are going Eco, with hybrid SUVs giving you that ‘big car’ feel but at a much lower cost to the planet.

What is a monthly car rental?

If you want to lease a car in the UAE, it’s quick, easy, and cost-effective too. Rent-a-car monthly car leases give you the option of choosing a car that suits your exact needs and then paying a monthly charge. The fees include all your servicing costs and insurance premiums, maintenance, replacement car, and 24-hr road assistance - making it super-easy to budget your monthly costs. There are none of the worries and additional costs that come with car ownership, and you can even swap to a different car if you change your mind.

SHARE Rewards and Carasti – a match made in motoring heaven with 15% cashback and more!

At SHARE Rewards, we’ve partnered with Carasti, which is one of the leading car rental companies in the UAE. If you’re a SHARE Rewards customer, you’ll get up to 15% cashback in SHARE Rewards when you link your SHARE and Carasti accounts on the apps. You’ll get a further 4% cashback for every subsequent month you lease a car too, so you keep making those great savings.

It’s easy to rent a car through their app, where you’ll find a whole selection of makes and models to rent and a variety of monthly car lease deals to suit every budget. All you have to do is follow the steps by creating a profile on the Carasti app and then link your accounts on the SHARE Rewards app. Next, book your rental car on Carasti and you instantly get your SHARE points as soon as you complete the booking payment. How cool is that?

Use your SHARE Rewards for everyday deals

The SHARE Rewards that you earn when you lease a car through Carasti can be used on a wide range of purchases, from your weekly grocery shopping at Carrefour to a special movie night out with the family at VOX Cinemas. You can shop at any of the 5,000+ stores at the Mall of the Emirates and all of the City Center malls across the UAE. Treat the family to a fun day out at Ski Dubai, or go gaming at Magic Planet.

Finish that special day out with a family meal at any of the restaurants in the City Centre malls and the Mall of the Emirates and you’ve got the perfect family day out. And of course, it’s now even easier to get all that shopping back home or drive to the mall in your Carasti monthly lease car!

If you’re not a SHARE Rewards customer yet, what’s stopping you? It’s completely free to join the SHARE Community – simply download the SHARE app for iOS or Android and you can instantly start earning those SHARE Reward points. And as soon as you link up your SHARE Rewards and Carasti apps, you’ll start earning cashback SHARE Rewards on every car lease too.

Get started now, and let SHARE Rewards and Carasti keep you moving in the UAE .