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SHARE and Carasti

We’re excited to bring you a new partnership with one of the best car leasing services in the UAE. SHARE members can now enjoy up to 15% in discounts* on all car leasing. Getting behind the wheel of a brand new car has never been so easy and affordable! 
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About Carasti

Carasti offers you brand new cars, great value and amazing customer service. Simply choose your car, pick your requested leasing period (3 – 24 months) and provide your Passport/Driving License. In mere minutes, you will have a car approved and ready to go. No long waits, no down-payments, no worries. 
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What You Get as a SHARE Member

Enjoy up to 15% cashback (in points) on your first month and up to 4% every subsequent month of your car lease. The longer your lease period, the higher the discount. Every month that you lease your car, Carasti also builds a tree on your behalf. 
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How to Get Started

Visit the Carasti section of our app (LINK HERE!!) and link your SHARE/Carasti accounts. If you do not have a Carasti account, you will first need to download their app and create a profile.

Terms and Conditions

All cashback and discounts offered by SHARE on Carasti is in the form of SHARE points. This partnership is subject to change without prior notice. All SHARE programme terms and conditions apply. All Carasti terms and conditions apply.