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Unlocking Ramadan Treasures with SHARE Rewards

30 Mar 2024

Fragrant, warm and full of springtime promise, March has finally arrived. It’s bright and breezy, and the transition towards the summer months is speeding up. We're all looking forward to those lazy days by the beach, family holidays and spending more time exploring and having adventures. March is when it all starts, with a host of celebrations that include Mother's Day, International Women's Day, and, of course, the start of Ramadan.

That makes this month an exceptional time of the year. At SHARE, we want to make the month a rewarding, enriching experience for all of our members, whether they're preparing a fabulous family iftar, treating mum to a special gift, or spending this year’s extended half-term break with the kids at Ski Dubai.

Ramadan – A time of reflection

Ramadan is a time when everyone, nationals and expats, young and old, come together to experience the true treasures of life in the UAE – time spent with family and friends. From nighttime feasts to movies under the stars, Ramadan markets and communal iftars, life in the UAE slows down, takes a more relaxed approach, and embraces the spiritual and contemplative side of life. There is more room in our busy days for each other, giving us all a chance to reflect and to grow.

It’s also a time when we all support one another as we journey through the month, and that includes SHARE Rewards. We want to support our members during this busy month so they can make the most of every single experience all through March for themselves, their family, children and friends – there is a reward for everyone

Every part of life feels better when we SHARE

Getting ready for what is one of the most important months of the year for the UAE makes March a busy time for everyone. To make life easier, your SHARE Rewards app is host to a wide range of offers (check our offers page) to support you and your family and loved ones for all your grocery, entertainment, lifestyle, and F&B hotel Iftar and Suhoor outings.

Our amazing FAB SHARE credit cards are a must-have for your wallet with 3 cards to choose from and endless opportunities to earn exponential SHARE points and redeem across over 5,000 MAF brands in UAE and worldwide (check out all the wonderful world of benefits here). ,

For all you mall goers, we know the feeling of forgetting to scan your receipts and earn points after a full family day out, we have the perfect solution. Introducing SHAREPay - the only digital card you need when shopping — the easiest way to earn SHARE points. Setting up is quick and easy. Just link your debit or credit cards to SHAREPay within the SHARE App, then add SHAREPay to your digital wallet and you’re good to go!

With SHAREPay, you can tap to earn points, tap to redeem points, or tap to pay in instalments. SHAREPay is accepted in over 5,000 stores in Mall of the Emirates, all City Centres, VOX Cinemas, and Carrefour branches across the UAE




What makes SHARE Rewards so special in March?

That word, 'SHARE', isn't just a name. It's a principle that we live by. We want our members to share in the UAE experience, whether shopping for groceries at Carrefour, dining out at fabulous eateries across the UAE in Kempinski Mall of the Emirates,  or browsing in the Mall of the Emirates or their local City Center Mall for a special gift.

SHARE Rewards are a way of making everyone feel that they are part of a wider community and that the experience they have with SHARE enriches their everyday lives. Whether it’s for a special occasion or birthday, a family get-together, or a chance to treat yourself and your loved ones to a day creating wonderful memories, we’re with you every step of the way. In coming together during Holy Month, we are all supporting one another and enriching everyone’s lives, building stronger communities and a better future. SHARE the love this March with SHARE Rewards.