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Tips on How to Get More Rewards While Shopping

02 Jan 2024

It’s that magical time of the year when we share special moments and make a lifetime of memories. It’s also the time to give those we love special tokens and gifts to show them how much we care. it’s time to hit the malls in search of some wonderful presents to make someone smile.

With SHARE Rewards and your FAB SHARE Credit Card, you can stretch your gift budget even further, making you the savviest gift bearer around!

SHARE the season with some smart gift-buying

It's super-busy in the stores at this time of the year, so smart shoppers head to the malls, including the Mall of the Emirates and all of the amazing City Centre Malls across the UAE. Make sure you've got your SHARE app downloaded and our new SHAREPay function so you can simply tap to collect all those lovely SHARE Rewards. You can also redeem your SHARE Rewards at any major outlet, making your gift budget go even further.

Drop into stores like lululemon, LEGO®, Crate & Barrel, All Saints, and Psycho Bunny for all your personal gift and lifestyle shopping needs. Or how about a day out for the whole family at Ski Dubai, Snow Abu Dhabi or Magic Planet?

After all that retail therapy, redeem some of your SHARE Reward points (and earn yourself some more) with a visit to VOX Cinemas for a family movie treat.

It doesn’t end there. All of the malls offer a plethora of choices for food, snacks and coffee that suit every palette – after all, what’s better than enjoying a meal together and making memories?

You can also use your FAB SHARE Credit Card to spread the cost of the season. Use your FAB SHARE Credit Card for your  gifts and you’ll earn even more SHARE Reward points

Fabulous food

Part of the fun of the season is gathering everyone around the table for those holiday family-time feasts. What a way to unite the generations in a spirit of love and laughter! SHARE Rewards can help there, too. You can collect and redeem SHARE Rewards at Carrefour on your big Christmas grocery shop, so why not treat yourself to an extra panettone cake and pudding?

All of this is just a click away when you download the SHARE Rewards app and apply for a FAB SHARE Credit Card. Go to the offers page, unlock some seasonal goodies from SHARE, and activate some of the best winter holiday offers.

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Tag @sharetherewards and let us be a part of the best seasonal celebrations ever!