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Get into good habits in 2024 with SHARE Rewards

17 Jan 2024

We all know that New Year's resolutions don’t last long. The trick to making lasting positive changes in your life is to alter your habits. So how do you do that? Why, you make it rewarding, that’s how!

At SHARE Rewards, we want you to live your best life and are here to make sure that every aspect of your day is full of little wins and rewards. We’re your companion throughout 2024 as you turn those lifestyle changes into positive, rewarding habits.

Healthy eating – SHARE some tasty habits

Healthy eating is the #1 "new year, new me" resolution. With SHARE, you get rewarded for doing exactly that! Visit any of our malls in the UAE, including the Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, and City Centre Al Zahia as well as all City Centre malls across the UAE and there you'll find food and beverage outlets full of delicious and healthy food.

You can earn SHARE points at Carrefour too, making healthy eating for the whole family more affordable and rewarding. You can also earn or redeem your SHARE points when you buy kitchen electronics like air fryers to help you cook healthier meals.

Working out – Get active with SHARE Rewards

You don’t have to hit the gym for four hours a day to be active. Just an extra 20 minutes of walking can make a world of difference. Good habits take a while to establish, so by making them achievable, you're more likely to succeed in changing your behaviour. Treat yourself to some New Year leisure gear from lululemon to inspire you to move more.

Other good habits include:

  • Travelling more – Taking time off to re-charge has proven to support wellbeing.  Reward your adventurous spirit and expand your horizons with SHARE Rewards, thanks to our partnership with and the cashback you get from the FAB SHARE credit card.
  • Learning a new skill – Check out our Offers section for incredible deals on learning something new like dancing, music or art.
  • Spending more time with the family – SHARE Rewards at VOX Cinemas, Yalla Bowling and Magic Planet make it easier and more rewarding to make that extra time for family activities.
  • More ‘Me time’  - Good habits start with you, including more wellness and mindfulness in your life. Check out our spa and wellness deals, or treat yourself to a movie night at VOX Cinemas with a tasty popcorn treat on the side!

All these good habits are boosting your SHARE Rewards points balance too; how cool is that!

By using your FAB SHARE credit card and redeeming your SHARE Rewards, you can make 2024 the year you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.

If you're not a member, there is no better time to join, simply download the SHARE app for free on your app store and get started with a whole new you in 2024!

Start those new habits with SHARE Rewards now and share your New Year Resolutions with us on @sharetherewards