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Add SHAREPay to Your Digital wallet and Never Miss Out on SHARE Points Again

04 Jan 2024

After a busy day at the mall, the old way of doing things was to scan every receipt to make sure you didn’t miss out on your SHARE Points and Cashback offers. the last thing you want to do in the evening is sit down and scan in every receipt so you don't miss out on your SHARE Cashback. But what if you've lost a couple of receipts? Are those SHARE Points gone forever? Surely there has to be an easier way to log all those lovely SHARE Points?

Say hello to the latest advancement from SHARE Rewards. SHAREPay ensures that you get every Point, every time. You have to be a SHARE Rewards member to benefit from SHAREPay, but once you've joined and synced up your account, you can access SHAREPay on your smartphone whenever you shop.

Say goodbye to receipt scanning

SHAREPay lets you pay, earn and redeem Points in a single tap; saving you time and making your experience even more rewarding. You can earn and redeem your SHARE Rewards instantly, meaning you can get instant Cashback with a single tap of your smartphone and seamless redemption of points and payment in one.

And where can you use this all-new, all-in-one payment system? That’s the best bit – SHAREPay is available anywhere and everywhere in all Majid Al Futtaim malls, including the Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Al Zahia.

Get tapping with SHAREPay

If you don’t yet have a SHARE Rewards account, it’s super-easy to get started. Simply download the SHARE Rewards app on your Apple or Android phone. After you’ve signed up and signed in, you can apply for SHAREPay from the home screen. Once approved, simply add your debit or credit card to SHAREPay and add SHAREPay to your E-Wallet.

Then, every time you make the most of a shopping, entertainment, or food outlet that is part of the SHARE Rewards world, you can simply tap your phone at the checkout and instantly add the Points to your account.

Why spend hours scanning receipts (if you can find all of them!) when SHAREPay lets you add your Rewards instantly to your account with just a single tap? It’s the modern way to do things when you’re living a busy lifestyle.

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