How to use Mall Gift Card with SHARE while shopping at Mall of the Emirates and City Centre across UAE

27 Oct 2022
Shopping at any Majid Al Futtaim Malls like Mall of Emirates or City Centre across the UAE can be even more rewarding with SHARE. You can use SHARE at more than 3,500 stores in 18 malls across the UAE including grocery shopping at Carrefour, watching the latest movies at VOX Cinemas, taking your kids to Magic Planet for some fun and games and even skiing down the ski slopes at Ski Dubai’s indoor snow experience, in addition to many more unforgettable experiences to have with SHARE.
But what could be better than shopping at one of the UAE’s best shopping malls? Well, how about earning points every time you spend? With SHARE Rewards, you can earn points on all your shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment activities at Mall of the Emirates and all City Centres across the UAE. You can also redeem your points for a Mall Gift Card at the Customer Service desks across the mall or online from the website to use them on all your spending at any of the outlets within the mall. With SHARE, your spending with the Mall Gift card is quite literally more rewarding!
What are Mall Gift Cards?
Mall Gift Cards are a great gifting option that anyone can enjoy. You can choose from a choice of different cards to celebrate different occasions, such as Festive Delights, Incredible Surprises, and Loving Gifts. These cards can be redeemed online on the website or at any Customer Service desk at Mall of the Emirates and all City Centres across the UAE. You can choose the way you pay, too, as the cards can be used for full payment or with a combination of your Gift Card, debit/credit card or cash to shop for products that exceed the Gift Card value.
You can use the Mall Gift Card anywhere across the Mall for all your spending, including Carrefour, VOX, Magic Planet, LEGO and any store across the malls. Mall Gift Cards can be purchased either online from the website or the customer service desks at the Malls.
Convert SHARE Points to Buy Mall Gift Cards
You can use your SHARE Points to redeem for a Mall Gift Card at any Mall Customer Service Desk directly. Simply visit the Customer Service Desk and ask for a Mall Gift Card with the value of your choice. You can then make the payment by redeeming your SHARE Points in full, or top-up with a payment for a higher value.  
Earn rewards from your Mall Gift Card
You don’t just earn SHARE points on cash purchases. If you’ve been given a Mall Gift Card, any purchases you make with your gift card earn you even more SHARE points too. Simply scan your shopping receipts into the SHARE app after using your Mall Gift Card and your shopping spree will now earn points to your SHARE Account. 
You can also earn SHARE points when you use your Mall Gift Cards for payment at any Majid Al Futtaim brand like Carrefour, VOX Cinemas and Magic Planet by using your SHARE ID from the app to earn points instantly.  Please note that you do not earn SHARE Reward points when buying a Mall Gift Card, only when using one to make purchases at any of the Majid Al Futtaim Malls.
With SHARE and Mall Gift Cards you can simply keep earning more points and spend them on all your fun experiences at any of the shopping Malls by Majid Al Futtaim in the UAE.