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Single-Use Plastic Ban in UAE – Eco-friendly Shopping at Carrefour with SHARE

27 Jun 2022

As of 1st June, the UAE is joining the worldwide fight against the use of single-use plastics with a combined ban and excess charges on plastic bags across the Emirates. In Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, single-use plastic bags will be banned completely, while in Dubai, shoppers will have to pay 0.25fils on all single-use plastic bags from 1st July.

To help protect our environment, Majid Al Futtaim is joining the initiative set up by the UAE government as part of the Sustainability initiatives to help protect the environment. Across the UAE, our partners will be working with us to encourage shoppers to think twice before picking up a single-use bag and shift their shopping habits towards reusable bags. At SHARE, we fully support the initiatives being introduced and have come up with an excellent way for our members to benefit from going green.

How Carrefour and SHARE are ahead of the curve

While the ban is being rolled out across the UAE, Carrefour is ahead of the curve by stopping using single-use plastic bags, including for all online orders. Fewer single-use plastic bags mean less fossil fuel use in production and less rubbish going to landfill sites.

To offer even more of an incentive and to encourage more UAE residents to adopt a new way of shopping, SHARE members can get bonus points if they shop using a Carrefour reusable bag when grocery shopping. The SHARE points earned can be used in all our malls, brand, and entertainment across the UAE. It’s never been more rewarding to help save the planet!

Sustainable shopping from Carrefour

While the price of a plastic bag in Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets will cost 0.25fils from 1st July, you can start your sustainable shopping now by stocking up on Carrefour eco-friendly bags. Available in various sizes, the eco bag price starts at AED2.50 and is made from environmentally friendly materials such as jute, cotton and paper. The bags are strong enough to carry your grocery shopping and robust enough to be used again and again.

Where can you use your eco-friendly shopping bags?

Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets are located across the UAE in most shopping malls, including the Mall of the Emirates and all City Centre Malls. Make sure you have your Carrefour reusable shopping bags with you when you go for your weekly grocery shopping to earn extra SHARE bonus points.

New to SHARE?

If you haven’t signed up to SHARE yet, there’s never been a better time to sign up and start earning points than today. As a SHARE Rewards member, you can earn SHARE points every time you shop in-store and online. Collect your SHARE points and redeem them in any of our malls, brands, dining, and entertainment across the UAE for everything from a romantic meal to a day out at a family-friendly entertainment centre. Or treat yourself to something special with your SHARE points, including a film night at VOX Cinemas or some gaming fun at Magic Planet.


To join SHARE, simply download the app and start earning the next time you go shopping. Brought to you by Majid Al Futtaim, SHARE is available to residents across the UAE.

Remember, whenever you head out the door to do your weekly grocery shopping, ensure you've got your Carrefour eco-friendly bags with you – they're the easiest way to earn SHARE bonus points.