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The Perfect SHARE Receipt Scan

07 Apr 2021


SHARERS, did you know you can earn cash back in SHARE points for all your shopping and dining at the mall? All you need to do is scan your receipts! See below for tips on how you can scan the perfect receipt to earn your points.


Where Does Receipt Scanning Work:

As a SHARE member, you can earn points for all your shopping and dining across our shopping malls. For all stores and restaurants, simply scan your receipt on the SHARE app to earn points (except at Carrefour and VOX Cinemas).


Why You Should Scan Your Receipt:

With every receipt you scan, you will earn a portion of your cash back in the form of SHARE points. Your SHARE points can then be used to pay for all your purchases across our malls and brands.


Where on the App your Scan Your Receipts:

Log into the SHARE app and click on the ‘Submit Receipt’ option on the homepage (top left).


Four Steps to the Perfect Receipt Scan:

  • 1-Place your receipt on a flat surface
  • 2-Make sure the whole receipt shows in your image (if needed, use the ‘Long Receipt’ option)
  • 3-Look at your final image and ensure it’s not blurred
  • 4-Click on the ‘Submit’ button when you are ready

Don’t forget you have 14 days from the date of purchase in order to scan your receipts and earn points.


How to Know the Status of Your Receipt:

Visit the ‘Account’ page on your SHARE app (bottom right). Your pending receipts, and their status, will be showcased right at the top of the page.


Happy Scanning (and SHARING!).