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Enjoy an Enhanced SHARE App Experience

31 Aug 2020
Enjoy an Enhanced SHARE App Experience

Have you started using the SHARE app yet? Our app is a one-stop-shop to help you get the most out of the SHARE rewards programme.

Now, your app experience is about to get even richer!

We’ve recently launched a new version of the app making it even easier for members to earn and redeem their points.

Here’s what you can expect on the new SHARE app:

1- Make your log into the SHARE app even easier using your fingerprint or face ID

2- Earning SHARE points is even easier! You can access your SHARE ID or scan receipts right on the homepage of our app

3- Want to show some love to a family member or friend? Share your points with others or gift them to member of your Family Group! Both these features are now easily found on the homepage of the app

4- SHARE now works for online shopping! On the homepage of the app, you will see a list of brands that allow you to earn and redeem SHARE points for your online shopping

5- Hello new Experiences! We’re excited to introduce a new ‘Experiences’ section on the app that gives you access to exclusive member discounts, benefits, contests and more.

6- Visit the Account page to see a detailed history of your transactions and the status of all your submitted receipts

What are you waiting for? Unleash the full potential of the SHARE rewards programme today by logging into the app!