Be Environmentally Friendly and Earn Points

01 Jul 2020
Be Environmentally Friendly and Earn Points

Make your next grocery trip eco-friendly with the Carrefour reusable shopping bags!

From the canvas foldable to the heavy-duty juco bag, Carrefour offers you an array of options to choose from. Simply visit your nearest hypermarket or supermarket to make your pick.

Your Eco-Friendly Bag now gets you SHARE points!

To thank our members for doing their part to help the planet, we’re giving SHARE points! SHARE members get 5 bonus points for using a Carrefour reusable bag during their next shop. Simply visit the SHARE app and scan the barcode at checkout to earn your points.

There is no limit to how many bonus points you earn on the reusable bag – every shopping trip can get an extra 5 points into your account. In 10 trips, you will already have accumulated AED 5 in points…just by using a reusable bag!

Head over to Carrefour today to get your bag and start earning points. We thank you in advance for help us reduce our plastic consumption!